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Inspired by the likes of Faith Evans,  Aaliyah, and Keyshia Cole. Singer-Songwriter Tniyah is ready to showcase her talent to the world. Hailing from New Jersey, Tniyah has always had a love for music since a child. She comes from a family of musicians as well as her grandfather who worked alongside the great Jimi Hendrix and so many more. While working on her craft and perfecting her sound, Tniyah was able to put out music that has been featured on London BBC 1extra radio, DTLR radio, and more. Tniyah has an Ep ready to go Titled “Situations” which includes a produced track from legendary producer Teddy Riley and a feature from new rising talent Domani. With this Ep, Tniyah curates a sound that is very nostalgic and brings back a 90s sound that she was inspired by. She is ready for the world.

January 28, 2024