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Tniyah Drops her debut EP “Situations”

benincity / February 16, 2024
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African King- Bella Alubo
Bella takes us on a sensual journey on the new track ‘African King,’ as she professes her love for her Nigerian King. Bella Alubo has de...
benincity / February 8, 2024
Artists, Releases
TNIYAH- Type of Girl
In this R&B/ Soul fusion track, Tniyah showcases her musical prowess in her latest release ‘Type of Girl.’ The New Jersey Star teame...
benincity / February 2, 2024
Artists, Releases
Osa Zelé - Never Did Change
Osa Zelé takes it back to his roots in Denver, CO for this new release. With a slew of more Pop sounding rap tracks set to release, the...
benincity / February 1, 2024
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Yugoszn EP
(Grungecake) Yugoszn released his self-titled debut EP with outstanding editorial support from Spotify (New Music Friday Naija, New Musi...